Alerts and sounds

add sounds to alerts

I would search for js functions generally and then implement them in your application. This may also depend on the browser being used.

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interesting. Thank you!

Hi @Chi!

At the moment, adding audio notifications isn't on our roadmap because sites aren't able to play audio without user interaction. The current workaround for this is to load an mp3 into the video component and then use an event handler to trigger it. Here's an example!

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Will this trigger if device is asleep or app is in background?

Hey @boz!

The example was mainly geared toward web apps, is that what you're referencing here? If you're building a mobile app you might want to explore using push notifications.

Either really, to be more specific, I'd like to know if retool could trigger an audio file to be played on a schedule and if it would still play even if the device was asleep.

I'm not sure custom audio files are supported at the moment :thinking: could you share a bit more about your use case? It might be helpful to know what devices you're looking to have this happen on, what kind of audio file you'd be playing, and how it would fit into people's usage of your app.