Audio Notification when Query is Finished


Can you please add the option to have a sound notification when a query is complete? There is currently a confetti visual option (shown below), but a customizable audio option would be preferable.


Our team enters data into Retool and runs a stored procedure that can take some time to run. They then use another application when the procedure is complete. An audio notification would allow them to work on other tasks and immediately know when the query is done, making them much more efficient with their time.

It would also be great if the audio was customizable, meaning we could upload a specific audio sample to play. I'd like to play the "get item" sound from the Legend of Zelda if it was possible :slight_smile: .


Seconding the need for some functionality like this. Most browsers don't allow audio to be played without some interaction where the audio context is created though so this would be tricky to implement as part of a query. Without knowing too much about how Retool works underneath, the easiest way might be for Retool to implement some way to trigger browser notifications.

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