AI URL Vector unable to read PDF documents

Hey there,

I run into the problem that apparently URL Vectors are unable to process/fetch pdf-files hosted on a s3 bucket. E.g. I want to upload a pdf with the S3uploader and add the URL to a URL vector. When I try this manually (as shown in the pics) I see that the URL is not displayed after fetching.

Therefore, I assume that the vector is unable to read / fetch pdf-files shown in a pdf-viewer?
As a workaround I do see the possibility of adding the pdf-files to a document vector but there I'm missing the option to create new vectors for new users on the go.

Is there another workaround, or will this be a feature added in the future?

Thanks and best

Follow on questions: Can you specify what content-types (e.g. application/pdf, text/plain) can be processed by the URL Vectors?