URL Vector Issues

I have been trying to create a new URL vector store from the changelog we have posted on our knowledge base. I have previously created a vector store of our knowledge base docs without issues but now when I try to create a separate vector store for just the changelog it fails to fetch any URLs.

So far I have tried deleting the vector store and creating a new one, with no luck. I have also tried using known links from my knowledge base that did work in the previous vector store however they won't work either.

The UI does show that it's trying to fetch URLs but always comes back to this:

At this point, my current theory is we can't have two URL vector stores with similar base domains. I say this due to being able to update my KB Docs Vector store but I was unable to make a new vector store just for our KB Changelog.

If anyone has faced similar issues please let me know. If someone from the ReTool team could please advise if my above theory is correct that would be nice as well.

Curious, as I'm having a similar issue. Is this in Retool cloud or is this self-hosted?

Hi Danny,

We're on Cloud, and I believe the issue is actually a rate limit issue. That's because I was able to run the fetch the following day and it worked but after trying it three times (I had to add some URLs to the exclude list) it eventually stopped working. Again waited a day and it started working again.