Error uploading Bulk Documents to Vector AI

When trying to upload multiple documents in Vector AI document storage there is a bug:

  1. All documents are selected and the CTA shows "Upload 3 Files"
  2. However once clicked, only one document is then actually uploaded.
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Hey @Sebastian_Scott! Thanks for the report. I'm able to reproduce and am submitting a bug report for this internally. I'll update this topic when I have any new information to share.

No response here for 2 months- any updates on this?

When i click on "add document"
then it shows drag and drop files here
If you select more than 1 files for example file.pdf / file2.pdf, the 2nd file overwrites the first file!!!
and you end up with one document only - the 2nd one

@peter.b No updates unfortunately. I'll bump the internal ticket and share any updates I get here.

This is also an issue I am experiencing. I have a directory of 1000 txt files and there is no way that I am aware of to upload all of them in one go. Neither in the Vector Storage nor in the Retool Storage