Create Temporary Table

Hi everyone,

I want to create an object for an order form. Basically, i try to add a new item to a table and after all, i want create an array with the table's object. I am using select box for create an order item. Is there any way to do this?

Actually, i 've created new one with listview. everything is look like okay but i couldnt access listview items.
arr =2 and when write 0 instead of 'i' return correct value

const arr = {{ listViewLen.value }};

for (let i = 0; i < arr; i++ ) {
let value = {{['0'].select1 }}

    return  value

Hi @esattav, you should be able to open up your left-panel and view the data that is nested under your listView. Here's what that looks like for a default listView component.

Could you share more about what you're looking to accomplish with your listView data?