Additional attributes for User account

Hi there. Is there a way of triggering a query when a new user is created? I need to be able to add user information into Firebase DB so that I can determine which documents they should have access to based on a number of attributes.

Alternatively, is there a way of adding additional attributes to a user account in retool...?

Many thanks


A follow up to this question. Is there a way of seeing the User ID for all Retool Users



I think the following is only available at this time:

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 10.10.08 AM

Maybe use the Avatar Component?

You may want to change this to a Feature Request as well.

Hi @turps808, If you're self-hosting Retool on our Enterprise plan, then you could integrate Retool with a third-party SSO provider. Outside of that functionality, retool doesn't support triggering a query when a new user is added and doesn't have an option to add additional attributes to a user account. Would you mind changing this post to a feature request?

Hi there! We just released User Attributes which let you do just this. You will be able to define arbitrary key value pairs and be able to set them on the user. On the Enterprise plan, we'll also let you set these values programmatically via API. Cheers!