Other users (not current) avatar

How do I access all user's information (like what we have with current_user) so that I can generate avatars of others based on their email, for example? The table component already does that when column type is User Email, but I want to do this with a standalone avatar component (for other users different than the current)

I was trying to do something similar but was told getting users from groups within retool is not yet possible but being worked on if I recall correctly. The only way you could achieve what you want is if you had all users in your own db and pull from there.

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thank you @ScottR

Hey @igoraguiar! @ScottR recalled correctly :slightly_smiling_face: If you were to host Retool on-premise, you could access the database that stores all your users and their group info, but this isn't possible on Cloud.

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thank you victoria