Add support for azure service bus

it would be a nice to have to be able to send messages to azure service bus from retool, like if it would be a data source like sql db where i create it in resources using conection string and the queue name, then in the app i could send a text message to that queue, it could also support other message brokers

Data sources

Hello @Mario_Santamaria!

Interesting request, I am not familiar with azure service bus. Does the current Azure resource not support integration with this service?

If not, I can make a feature request to our engineering team. What other message brokers would be similar to add in parallel?

i dont see any Azure Resource when creating a new Resource, Im only interested in Azure Service Bus because thats what we currently use at our company, similar message brokers would be AWS: SQS, Google Cloud: Pub/Sub, MS SQL: Service Broker, OpenSource Lib: RabbitMQ, etc.

Hello @Mario_Santamaria hope you had a good weekend.

I also found that we are lacking integration with Azure Service Bus, I can make a feature request to our engineering team to find out more about if we can have a message broker resource that could connected with Azure Service Bus as well as any of the other options you listed!

Will keep you posted on any news from the team :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Mario_Santamaria,

After doing some research I might have a solution for your need to send text messages to the queue.

It would involve using a REST API to interact with Azure Service Bus, where I would guess that you would be performing a query action similar to a POST request to send in the data/text from a retool app. The docs are linked here!

We are currently working on functionality for message brokers in workflows, where they can be used as workflow triggers.

Let me know if you are looking to stream in results from Service Bus or if you are trying to set up a retool app to be able to poll data from Service Bus. It sounded like your use case only involved sending data from a retool app to Azure SB but just wanted to double check!

looks like that would be a way to do it, thanks!