Can I make an API to send my data to a webhook?


I have a service that needs an endpoint for webhook. I want to process some data and make a get and a post endpoint for this webhook. This is much like Generate API from mock data this app. Can we do it in retool ?


Hi @mpmohi! Would something like our Workflows product be helpful?

Umm... don't think so. If I am not wrong Retool Workflow webhook can be used for incoming data I need a reverse version of that. Just simply think of a get and post end point for a table's data.

Ah, got it. Then the API generator you linked in your original post is probably the closest option we have.

What is your ideal use case here? :slight_smile:

okay thanks for reply.

what I was trying to achieve is : we are using retool for processing data and formatting say order data, after it's done we are showing in a table. Now we have other another service say shipping service we have to pass them same data we are showing on table, so if there were any way (like a get call to table ha ha) we could share this with other service that would have been better .


Got it, I'll add a feature request for this now! Thank you for sharing that context here :pray:

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