Action column in empty table

I have a table bound to a query - when the data is empty all the columns disappear except the Actions column?

This creates a little bit of a weird UX - is there a way for that column to be hidden too?

I don't have any idea about hiding the Action column

but you can display all the column title using this


  1. create custom columns
  2. map your columns
  3. enable the "Use dynamic column setting
  4. [{"name":" Custom Column 1"},{"name": Custom Column 2"},n]

May this helps

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Hey @chris.senior

I agree on the weird UX bit - I think that the actions section is a bit more rigid in comparison to the custom columns. Would it be possible for you to create a custom column with a button, attached to the query that you were previosuly using the actions section for? This will get rid of this extra empty column scenario above.

If that isn't an option, maybe you can just hide the table all together. Just set the hidden field to a boolean value for when your data is empty.

LMK if that works for you! :slight_smile:

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