Table with no data

I have a table with data in which I have displayed it using dynamic column setting. When there is no data in the table, displayed as no rows found, but under it there’s a blank row with pointer cursor. Is there anyway to remove this blank row?

Thank you

This is happening on tables without dynamic column settings as well. Not exactly sure what's triggering that but you can hide the table all together when there's no content right?

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Hey @Vinkal! Out of curiosity what would you want to use the fully blank table for?

The columns would come from either the dynamic column settings and/or from the data input to the table. You would need to dynamically supply no columns if no results are coming back from your query.

For example, if = { name: [] , age: [], id:[] }, then you would get a table like you have- with columns and a single blank row with the No rows found message.

If you had an input of {{ : {} }} then no column headers would be shown.

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Hey @alex-w,
I have tried {{ : {} }} this, but still having one row in the table.
Thank you.

That would stop any column headers from displaying, by making sure there were no key's inside of the object passed in to the table.

To clarify, what is the use case of an empty table in this scenario? We could potentially hide this empty row with CSS, or look in to officially changing this, but I'm not sure I understand what this would be used for.

Hey @alex-w,
You are right it will not display the headers, but still there is one blank row inside table with cursor pointer. It is not that critical point, but I was just asking if we can hide this blank row, if there is no data, Just user friendly purpose. Otherwise it is okay.
Thanks a lot for your response.

Ah, makes sense. At the moment there's no simple way to hide this, but if it becomes a blocker let us know!

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Okay, not that critical right now. I will let you know if it is required.