Access current source row edits from mapped table cell

I have a table of editable data for sales account data. Within this table, I edit account details such as address, geocodes, etc. I also have a control field "account_can_be_geocoded". If an account can be geocoded, the lat and long fields are editable. if the account can't be geocoded, they're marked as infinity to signal the account can't be geocoded. I can easily map the account lat & long values using something like this: {{ currentSourceRow.account_can_be_geocoded ? item : Infinity}}

However this map only takes into account the original row account_can_be_geocoded value, but, I would like to make the cells reactive to edits so a user doesn't have to save data and reload to set the lat and long. So, instead of the above, I would like to map to something like this: {{ currentSourceRowWithEdits.account_can_be_geocoded ? item : Infinity}}

changes made by user in a table with editable cells can be accesed with

You would probably have to set a temp variable to account for this. - but in the end you're going to have to save the changes using the changeSetArray as @Skizhu mentioned.
The following only works on the initial data loaded into the table:
{{ currentSourceRow.account_can_be_geocoded ? item : Infinity}}
If, you dumped the initial data into a temp variable you might be able to access and manipulate that first using perhaps a different component type like a form.... but it may be too much of a workaround for what you are trying to achieve.

Indeed, I could figure this out using the changesetArray - but it means that the table cell logic would become extremely verbose and not very maintainable. This would be a pretty nice and maintainable way to access current values in context without much cruft.

For example, I could change a cells mapped value to something like below:

{{  Object.assign({}, currentSourceRow, myTable.changesetArray.find(change => === ? item : Infinity }}