Ability to type abbreviated dates into date/time component

When typing in dates into the data/time component you need to type the full date with leading zero and 4 digit year. In other words you can type '5/12/21', you need to type '05/12/2021'. All other JS date components I have used in my sites allow the "shorthand" for entering, then displays the full 10 digits, which is faster and more natural.

When I am filing out some web form and they make me type all 10 characters, it leaves bad taste in my mouth.

Hey @bradlymathews! We're actively working on all new date/time inputs which will include support for more freeform input formats! Any other feedback on those inputs in particular?

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@garrett ,


Other suggestions:

  1. A different UI for the time picker, maybe the way it's done on Android apps where you have a clock face and you click or drag numbers around the face. Very quick and intuitive with no scrolling.
  2. Have a setting to make the seconds optional. Most people don't need them so you could eliminate an other click for them.
  3. When you click into the text entry part of the control, the picker UI should not popup but allow you to type/paste a value. The popup should only be enabled when you click the calendar icon. Some may like it the way it is, so maybe a setting to decide which to use.
  4. Add a Now option to the time picker like there is a Today for the date picker.
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