Ability to show tooltip without a label

Currently the tooltip "?" icon will only show up with a label value is set. It would be very useful to be able to have it show up even if there is no label value. I've tried to get around this by having a space value for the label, but unfortunately that doesn't register as a valid value. Instead I have to put something like a dash or a period as a workaround, which is OK, but leads an odd UI element:
Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.59.38 AM

Thanks for the request! Agree that this is a quite useful pattern.

We have some big component library improvements in the works and this is one of the features we'll be adding—the tooltip will be shown on the label by default, but switch to the component itself when there's no label.

In the meantime, looks like you've found a pretty clever workaround! You can also get the same effect without using a character by just adding in a blank space to the label property, like this:


Perfect, thanks so much! This worked perfectly.