How to Collect Active Modules in App with JS?

Hi, so I'm working on a dashboard for database management and I want the components of each section to be self contained and collect data from surrounding modules for configuration.

So how do I within' the code of a module access other modules that exist within' the app it's inserted?

I'm fairly new to this and only been on this platform for two days and been loving it!
Preview Screenshot if you're curious.

Atm the only hacky method I can think of is using localStorage but that doesn't seem like a good solution to me.

Keep in mind this is with a dynamic amount of modules that it's accessing so hardcoding with index's won't work for me.

Hi @gibbeth! Glad you've been enjoying Retool.

I don't believe it is currently possible to programmatically get a list of all modules and then take actions (e.g trigger a query) in a JS query. The relationships between module-to-parent-app and module-to-module need to be defined explicitly, with the data/queries passed between each as an input or output.

I'll also pass along this post about triggering a query within a Module from the parent app in case you find that useful for your app.

Does that help? Let me know if there are specific hurdles you're running into as you build.