403 (Forbidden) when uploading a mp3 file to AWS S3

Hi, I was trying to upload a mp3 file to AWS S3. But the uploading sometimes works and it sometimes fails with a 403 (forbidden) error shown in console log. When we check the log in S3, putObject has not been requested. May I ask what is the possible reason for this? Thanks.

Hey, @rexyu226 403 Errors are usually related to authentication issues. When you were able to successfully upload the MP3 was it through a specific user's account or does it generally behave erratically? Is it possible that some users have access to the S3 resource and some don't?

Would you be able to send a screenshot of the query that performs the upload to AWS here? If you have sensitive data you could always write into our support team so we can better assist you. Thank You!