2fa not working

My 2fa challenge is not working. I had not logged in for about a week and now it is complaining? Any ideas?

I have retool running on it's own instance

Hey Brad — from the looks of it, we were able to assist over chat? If you run into any other blockers feel free to write back in! :slight_smile:

Hey, Chris! I'm having the same issue. Can you help me?

Hey @atlas.vieira are you still running into this? Just in case, maybe this guidance from our accounts, users and billing FAQ could help? If you need to reset 2FA, your best bet is to work with an admin within your org:

How do I reset my 2FA?
As a security best practice, we're not able to reset 2FA from our side. Instead, an admin in your organization can follow these docs to reset 2FA for individual users. If you are an admin, and locked out of 2FA, email security@retool.com. If your organization does not have any available admins, see below!