Working within Staging

I have an app that uses various modules. I understand that staging vs production has to do with resources, but, how can I make updates/changes in a module and test how that works within the app that uses that module without pushing everything to production?

Hi @Nick_Michniok Thanks for reaching out!

This is an area that we'll hopefully have better support for in the future. We do have a module versioning feature, but this would require hopping into each child module and publishing the version you are looking to test, which would then publish that version of the module to all apps its included in. We are tracking a feature request internally for better support on testing modules in apps, so I'll post back here if I get any updates from our team.

If your team is on an enterprise plan with source control, we are currently working on releasing a multi-element branching project (to be able to pull in different objects in one branch) for better development and testing that should help with this use case

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