Specify what version of module to use

Our team has versioning enabled for modules, and we love it and depend on it.

We'd really like to be able to select what version of a module to use.

Say, for example, a module on version 1.7.3 is being used by an app, and then we make another app using the same module. The new app needs a new breaking change feature on the module, so we do the changes and make a 2.0.0 release.

Now the previous app also uses the 2.0.0, instead of 1.7.3 - breaking the app!


We have the exact same use case, though we'd also like to be able to tie module versions to app versions, rather than different apps.

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Pleease, update it. It's just so hacky to try to use modules as is. We need to duplicate modules in order to do this. There's no way to proper version modules.

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