Working with releases

I'm trying to work with releases for the first time, but I'm a little unclear on how it works after going through the documentation.

I THINK I've successfully created a current live version and now have a draft version that I'm planning on making some big changes to compared to live. The thing I'm not sure about is if edits I start making to the app will be on the live or on the draft version that I just create created.

The screenshot below is what I'm seeing now, I see v1.0.0 in the bottom of the app indicating something, but I'd like to be working/editing v 1.1.0 that I just created and then release this when it's ready.

How do I know/ensure I'm working in that unpublished draft?

I think what I'm seeing is that whatever changes I'm making is in my Live version and not the draft as I'm intending. I've tried using "revert to this version" on the draft version and editing, but that still just edits the live version. And those changes are not visible when I preview the draft, which is exactly opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish.

The one on top is the current version you would be editing...

I thought so too, but when i add a component, I can see it in the live version, but when I preview the "new" version I don't see the component. Do I have to somehow "select" to work on the new version?

Are you working with the free version of Retool?
"Any edits you make to a Retool app are automatically saved to the current working version. This version is live to all users by default and immediately reflects your changes."

No...I'm using the business version. I saw that description in the docs, but it's definitely not what's happening in my apps. Do I have to actively switch to a certain "working version"?

Hi @jmr1234, I think I've spotted the confusion. When a release is made it saves the current version of the app, i.e. that release can't be modified moving forward. The solution would be to freeze the app on a live release (e.g. 1.0.0), then after you've made changes to the app save as a draft release.

The docs here may be handy:

A draft release is not initially published as the live version. This is useful if need to wait (e.g., conduct further testing) or are working on significant changes and may create subsequent releases before publication.

If you create a draft release and make further changes, you must create another release.

If you login as an end user, you should see the app as the live release, and not the drafts.

This behaviour can be inspected by comparing releases (docs)

Hope that helps!!

Hiya, just wanted to supplement this post with a further useful resource explaining Retool versioning.

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