Versions and releases

I was reading about the releases and history in Retool documentation. And I've few questions.

  1. What does the "current working version" mentioned in the docs mean
    is it the published version or the one I am previewing?
  2. If I want to make a new release, should I make the change and then create it or create it first?
  3. If I am working on the release(i.e 1.0.0) and then created another one(1.1.0), can I edit the first version(1.0.0)? if not possible how can I create a new release of this version(1.0.0) and edit it without affecting version(1.1.0)?

Hi @MomenAbdalwadoud!

  1. I believe the "current working version" refers to the one you're working on, not necessarily the published version. When you preview an app, it defaults to showing you the latest version (using the URL parameter ?_releaseVersion=latest)
  2. I think this is mostly up to you! But personally, if you want to make a new release, I would create a new draft release, make my changes then publish that release and repeat!
  3. Hmm, good question. I don't think it's possible to "change the past" :sweat_smile: Is there a specific use case you have in mind here?
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Thanks Victoria, It is all clear now.

I was looking in retoolContext for any sort of string that contains release/version type information. I would like to publish a string in the UI so that I can confirm users are actually using whatever version I think they should be using and I would like such a number automagically change so I don't have to remember to do it.

Hey Roland! For release tag, you can reference {{retoolContext.pageTag}} to get the app version! When you're an editor, this will always be "latest" and when you're a viewer it will be the version tag (e.g. 1.1.3)

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I just tried it and it's not working. This snippet:

ver: {{retoolContext.pageTag}}

Displays "ver: latest" in the editor like you say it should. But in normal user mode it just displays "ver:".

Hmm :thinking: And if you click "Preview release", do you see the version number in Preview mode?