Confused about releases, Staging and Preview

Hi here,

I like how retool solves the problem of internal apps we need to build day by day basis.

Though I do not find any info or links about development workflow. Will give you an example.
I created a new version of the existing app which is set of pages in retool. I'm in staging mode.
I made changes to one page. Cannot just preview this page i'm making changes because is
a part of a flow.

to recap: 1 page in a flow has the desired changes, i see them when picking the individual
page and entering in edit mode.

confusion; in staging mode, opening and going through flow will show me everything working like before i made changes to that form.

Not sure where is the gap. Appreciate any links of help to sort it out.

Hi @ruslan! Welcome to the community! :sunglasses:

Here are the docs for releases!

By default, all your users will automatically be using the most recent version of your app. However, if you want to lock the version of the app used, you can use the Releases feature. Releases enable you to make changes to your application without affecting your current users

Staging and Production modes are used to quickly change what data source your application is reaching. For example, if you have a production and a development database with the same schema you can define each of these in a single Retool resource and then use the toggle to switch which you are using. This allows you to build the application using the development resource, and then switch it to the production database when needed.

It's important to note that this toggle only controls a flag which is stored locally, so changing from production to staging will not globally alter your apps data source.

Preview & Editor mode are different views of your application. If you are in Preview mode, you are viewing the application in a production setting (you'll notice the url changes to Meanwhile, when viewing an app in editor mode, you're able to make changes and use various panels in order to work on your application. This mode as the url of The simplest way to think about it is: Preview mode is how end users will use an app, while Editor mode is where you build the application.