Working on a Database Management Dashboard

I've been messing with Retool about 3-4 days now and I want to make a dashboard that interacts with ROBLOX's DataStores due to the fact they have something called OpenCloud which lets me interact with them directly with API calls.

I think it'll be a good first project on Retool. This is the progress I've gotten so far. I want to make a server manager that'll manage servers real time within' the game next that uses the components already made.

Profile Editor, Universe Connector, and DataStore Viewer are all Modules.
They communicate via localStorage for handling configuration data.

The goal was "drag, drop, and off to the races" with no extra steps on the users end which I luckily managed to achieve here.

Current Issues:

  • APIKeys which are sensitive pieces of information are stored in localStorage in raw/string format with no protections like encryption.

  • localStorage itself I feel like is being used to much as a hacky method. I think there may be better solutions than localStorage here.