Workflows metadata & stats

I got the email re billing changes for workflows & I was staggered to realise that I'm using over 500 workflow runs a question is how, and why....are there any stats or metadata available to inform me and help me make sensible decisions please?

As an aside the # of workflows limit feels arbitrary and will drive the behaviour of longer, more complex workflows instead of chained encapsulated workflows.

Hey @mawdo81! Aside from the total Workflow runs number that you've already found, I don't believe we currently have anything more informative. I've added this as an internal feature request, though :slight_smile: Do you have any specific stats you'd like to see (e.g. names of Workflows run, how many times each one was run, when each one ran, etc.)?

Hi Victoria,
Really I'd like a data store of Workflow, run time, trigger (time v web hook), payload (in case of Webhook), result please.

Got it - just updated the internal request with your requests :slight_smile: Thank you!

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I have just been billed for excess runs although I cannot see when the runs were. I have raised a support ticket for a refund, but would be good to know if you have progressed this issue for visibility of the workflow runs.

If you are billing people for something over which they have no control or visibility, that is a pretty fundamental gap IMO.


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@victoria bumping this, I have had nothing from support for 2 weeks. This is really bad when you are taking money off people you should provide a way to audit the cost or at least respond to support requests in a timely fashion.

Hi @John_Swain! It looks like our Workflows PM was able to reach out to you :slight_smile:

You've been refunded and to quote our PM, "we'll do a better job surfacing deleted workflows in our billing dashboard - it's admittedly confusing today! We recently did a big overhaul of our billing/admin features and this was an oversight."

Thank you for surfacing this gap in our product and thank you for all your patience while we got this resolved. Wishing you nothing but smooth sailing going forward! :crossed_fingers:

Any update on the generic ask that kicked this thread off please?

We still don't have a centralized place to view these Workflow Run/Billing stats, but clicking into each Workflow should show the times that it was run, type of trigger, and payload sent with trigger, if that's helpful at all!

Not really. I was very surprised to hit the limit
S and it took a LOT of investigation to work out what and why

Why are workflows that are disabled still running and still counting towards the usage metrics please?

Hi @mawdo81, happy to help!
When were "cancelPLPaidOtherMeans" and "cancelOpenPaylink (BlinkAPI)" disabled?

A number of weeks ago. They're a failed experiment that I'd not closed down so when I saw the usage volumes last month & was looking like I'd hit the limit I disabled them.

Thanks for verifying! We escalated this issue to our engineers. They found that although a workflow is disabled, other workflows are still able to call them. I sent you a DM with details about your account to protect your privacy. We also created a report for this internally, I'll share any updates on it here.

I'm happy to continue the conversation there. I'll leave this topic open to collect more feedback, and to help other users that may have run into the same issue.

Thanks Paulo, for transparency on this thread the expectation was that this would not actually trigger the workflow as there is no active trigger (they're disabled).
It is odd behaviour for something that is disabled to be active, as I'm sure you'd agree...

You are welcome!

I agree with you, this is confusing.

What we are missing is a global disable/enable toggle on Workflows, which would be a new feature. The current panel we have is for their individual runs. Currently, the only way to make sure a workflow does not run is to disable it, and then remove it from other workflows that are calling it.

I created the feature request internally, I'll post any updates on it here. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the meantime, I'm happy to collect feedback on this issue to attach it to the report and FR.

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