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Hi There! Are there any clever ways to have Retool Workflows email a PDF of content pulled from the database? Currently, I am pulling the results and am emailing them using HTML Email in SendGrid. However, the HTML doesn't always translate that well in email clients and would like it to just email a PDF. Anyone have any tips on how to accomplish this? Essentially - emailing a PDF report.


We are using Carbone's API to send an attachment PDF in an email.

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OK - thanks for the suggestion! Will look into it!


Hi @mullinsjo - I am using your suggestion and it is awesome! Out of curiosity, once you have the PDF generated, are you just emailing a link to the PDF? Or is there some way to attach it as a file? Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

Glad to hear it's working for you. We are attaching it to the email through an SMTP connection. We make a request to generate the pdf and then use the code below to add it in the attachment section of the email

[{data: {{}}, name:{{text12.value}}, contentType: {{}} }]

@mullinsjo any chance you could share what you are doing in with any private information removed? I assume you must be getting the generated PDF in base64Binary format, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. So sorry for the hassle!