Sending an app as a PDF with Retool Workflows - Quick Demo

Hi there! My name is Lizzie and I'm the product manager for Retool Workflows. In this quick demo I will show you how I went about sending an app as a PDF systematically with Retool Workflows. We've heard a lot of interest in this use case to send PDFs of a Retool dashboard via email, so we wanted to share it here in case it inspires or unlocks something for you in your building process!

Sending PDFs of Order Dashboards with Retool Workflows - Watch Video

Check out the Workflows section for support in building this or other Workflows use cases!

Hope this helps!



Thanks @lizzie! This is super helpful - would definitely be interested in a JSON of the application to use as a template. Can you post it here?

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Of course! Here's the app and the Workflow :blush:

Dashboard_Notification_Workflow.json (16.6 KB)
OrderDashboardApp.json (309.8 KB)

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