How to attach pdf attachment to sendgrid using api

Hi there:

I am successfully using the carbone io api to generate a pdf. Once the pdf is rendered, I get a JsON response with the url of the pdf that was rendered. What I would like to do is be able to take that url and actually have it attach to an email as a pdf attachment. Does anyone have any tips or code snippets I could reference on how to do this? I have searched the forums and see that people are some how getting the pdf in base64 and feeding it into the sendgrid api. Thanks for any suggestions! I am doing this in workflow if that makes any difference

Hey @darenhunter!

It looks as though carbone has an endpoint to download your PDF that returns base64 data (docs).

This seems to integrate nicely with sendgrid, (the following setup correctly attached the generated pdf):

Does that work for you?

Jee whiz - I appreciate this. Too simple. I asked carbone support if they had any way to do exactly this and they said no. facepalm