Workflow Start Trigger Bug

I have a workflow that was working, but today, the startTrigger block is no longer providing it's JSON data.

I even un-hooked the whole flow, and simplified the test JSON and still nothing.... I am at a loss...

I exported the workflow as JSON, tried to see if there was anything glaring... nope.

So I imported it back in and it works... because it cleared my Javascript Setup script upon import

Deduction: Having an error in the setup script breaks the startTrigger but doesn't complain in any way to show that. Is this a bug?

Hi @khill-fbmc, thanks for flagging this. The setup script always runs before every JS block so if there was an error there, the first block to run will error out. I'll report this internally, we could provide a better way to log that the error is coming from the setup script and not from the first block that runs.