not accessible in complete workflow when triggered via Webhook

Hi there,

I'm having some weird issues with my workflow.

The setup:A workflow (workflow 1) triggers another workflow (workflow 2) within a loop, handing in raw paramters via webhook. The paramters in workflow 2 are accessible in the first processing step (branch element), but not in the following sets (a rest api ressource) - even though they are connected.

-> Start Trigger still accessible

-> StartTrigger is not evaluated.

When I run workflow 2 directly with test_json, it works.

Please advise.

Does seem odd indeed. Can double check that your workflow is deployed and try again? I see that you have "Undeployed changes" showing so you may be hitting an older version.

When you hit the run button manually, you should be running the current version on the canvas regardless if you've deployed or not. If you trigger the workflow via webhook / another workflow, it will use the latest deployed version.

Found the error: related to a semicolon in the start trigger params. Still can't explain why it works in the first component but not the second.