Workflow security endpoint

How I can apply security to public endpoint in Workflow?

I created an endpoint, but is public and I need apply some security.

Thank you.

Hey @zeroray! What kind of security are you envisioning? :slightly_smiling_face:

OAuth2, API-Key or other.

Thank you for sharing! Just to make sure I'm writing up the correct feature request, have you created a Webhook and want to make sure it's secure and can only be triggered by certain users?

Yes, certain users or some IP's using whitelist or token Bearer, I don't know but the Webhook not still public.

Got it, thank you! That definitely makes sense. I logged this internally and will reach back out with any updates :slight_smile:

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aaaandddd??? xD

Hi Karol! Looks like we haven’t done any work on this request yet, but I’ll add your +1 and share it with the Workflows team :slight_smile:


+1. Even some basic auth would be nice, please!