Workflow Return Body

Hey, I'm currently playing around with workflows but I have problems returning a json object as a body :thinking:

Shouldnt this be possible?

Its a bit weird in general, while the following works it still shows warnings

  errorCode: 100, // Label 'errorCode' on 100 statement.
  errorMessage: "No capacity left." // Missing semicolon. 

I have the feeling the json parser in the background is not working properly or not expecting json?

Thanks in advance

Ok it works now even though I havent changed anything, the warning are however still super weird - maybe someone can look into it as its super confusing

ya it's the linter giving the warning and the UI/Retool Framework ignoring it, but still displaying it :man_shrugging:. you'll probably also come across this in your app/module a few times with Resource Queries and, depending on the situation, in places you use {{ }} for dynamic values. thankfully it doesn't seem to log any of these warnings to the console so you don't have to deal with bloated logs as well :beers:

Thanks @chrituri @bobthebear - we've linked this to an internal issue tracker for that linter error, glad this isn't fully blocking in the meantime. Still, we've noted that it's confusing! Our eng team will take a look and consider what options exist to better handle.

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