Webhook Response invalid JSON/stange Linting

I noticed this coming up a couple days ago, and assumed it was some sort of transient issue or something stupid I did and it wasn't stopping things from completing, so I've been letting it go. But it isn't resolving and as far as I can tell, it isn't on me, so what is happening with webhook responses?

Even when I just follow the suggestion for a return body:

And use the non-sense response, I get linting and "invalid JSON" errors (when I run the block, it works just fine):

Happens for a brand new workflow without me doing anything but adding a response block too:

I can work around this by adding a JS block and passing that as the return body...

...but I'd prefer to not have to go back through all my workflows and add a JS block before each response.

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Hello @jg80!

Thank you for finding this and bringing it up. It is definitely a linting issue on our end. Will flag to for our eng team to take a look at :technologist:

I just reproduced it and the 'missing semicolon' error went away when I added it to the end of hello:1234; but JSON k-v pairs should be comma separated so that behavior is very odd and will definitely need to be changed.

The yellow warning triangle should be harmless, will also report it as the warning can definitely be misleading. You should not need to add a JS block to all your workflows :sweat_smile: