Workflow level Function with API resource not working

I have a function (Post_ATB_CustOrd_API) in a workflow which is using REST API resource to load data into airtable table.
There are two issues I am trying to resolve
(1) Even with hard coded data object in the body section of the API, I am unable to save data to table
(2) How can I pass an dynamic object from a code block within the workflow to above function. Reason for this is, if I use Resource query block in workflow calling the API resource directly, I am getting error from database, saying that max limit for the POST request can't exceed 10. Hence I need to prepare an array object of 10 records to pass to above function and the same can be looped based on the record count.

For issue(1) When I tried with the approach (as in attached image), I am getting error

Please suggest how I can address both the issues

Hi @srichint This could be a good topic to take a look at in office hours!

You can pass block data into the function using parameters

For 1, do you get the same error when running this query in an app (or externally in something like Postman)? Curious what the api is & if there are any public docs on this endpoint