Running workflow api call backend environment vs individually results in [object Object]

Running into a weird problem where my workflow will work properly if run individually one by one, but when running on backend environment gives an error on a api call being made where a variable is giving a [object Object] error.

I saw some others running into a similar issue and some older posts referencing it. In this case though I have a python script that is run prior to the api call to extract data from a JSON string and return the data as a string as well. When I run the block individually it works fine. But if it runs on backend environment I still get an error. I tried a few different ways to get around it and nothing works.

Any input is really apprecaited!

Screenshot 2023-07-16 113906_picture2_retool

Just to update on this as I tested further with just the block alone and a typed in variable, and it's not an issue with the variable. Even with typed out values it will run when running the block individually with no issues successfully, but anytime it runs in the backend environment it fails with this error. It's like the platform refuses to run the code no matter what.

Not sure what it is at this point and hoping maybe support can check out on the backend.

Hey @DannyF!

Apologies for the late reply here. It looks like you were able to get this solved with @Kenny by setting your resource to share your OAuth credentials between users:

Just wanted to post this here in case any other users run into a similar situation. Workflows don't have a way to run auth flows that require user inputs so setting your auth flows to not require them with settings like sharing credentials or using client credential flows is necessary.

Let me know if there's anything I'm missing!

Yes, his reply was the issue and so far its working smoothly with no issues. Thank you both for the reply and assistance :+1: