Windows 11 is giving me a hard time

I have a new computer working on Windows 11 when my old computer was on Windows 10.

I have some simple code that served me well under Windows 10 as per the attached screen shots.

It is now putting up error messages about objects.

Any thoughts?


@mdsmith1, it seems that the query did run, but the mysql returned an error. Unless the mysql server is running on your new windows 11 computer, I don't think it is related.

What is the mysql query you're trying to run? Does it run {{ table1.recordUpdates}}?
How does that translate? Because that's not a valid mysql query itself.

I found the problem. It had nothing to do with Windows 11.
There was a problem with the Primary Key of the Table. Now everything is fine.

The problem was the file I was working did not have a primary index. So there were duplicates in the rows that were being used to return values to the server. I find the debugger often sends out cryptic messages about "check the documentation" which are not helpful in identifying the problem.
Thank you for your reply.