Will the retool build the mobile App to suggest the native SDK

If I feel that the App of retool build one own some performance issues. But the performance issues are not belong to retool, but it's belong to javascript and so on.

Hello! Thank you for posting :slight_smile: Do you have a specific question I can help answer?

I am already built a moblie app with retool,but I don't kown how to deploy it , There are Threes questions。
1st, I want to a mobile page . and It can be used in mobile brower like chrome for mobile , safari for mobile and so on.
2nd,I want to a stand alone app,it needn't download the retool app in appstore . and I don't like my new customers need to download the retool, and try to find my app in it .
3rd,The login system it's belonged to retool, can I change it to mine.

1. A mobile page to access on a mobile browser would have to be built like a regular desktop app but with this "Show on mobile" toggle for each and every component. And then once you're on your mobile browser, you'd select the little phone icon in the top left icon of your app.

2. When you say stand alone app, do you mean a regular Retool app? Only users in your org are able to access your apps!

3. Currently, if your Retool app is inside your org, users would have to login to your unique Retool org. If you want to make your app public, Retool Embed might be helpful: https://retool.com/products/embed or maybe also public apps: https://docs.retool.com/docs/share-retool-apps#public-apps

Let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile: