ReTool for public applications

Does ReTool have any plans in its pipeline to eventually allow the code to be compiled to native for applications that can be downloaded in the app store?

With Retool mobile it is already possible to create a mobile app that can be downloaded in the app store.

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Check out Retool Mobile! We can also publish a custom app for you if you need to have an app with your own brand instead of the Retool app.

Here's the iOS app: ‎Retool Mobile on the App Store

Thanks everyone

Yes, i've been using the Retool Mobile app, which works fine for internal tooling for small teams, but not really viable to build a public facing app that people would search for and come across your app in the app store. You would need to be paying for each user that downloads it and uses it as an end user (which is understandable for a company and i understand you also have to make money too :slight_smile: )

I guess I was looking for something like flutterflow ( i just got so good/comfy w retool UI and workflow i didnt wanna learn a diff one lol)

@Cat_Cat we currently support custom branded "white-label" apps which you could use for your use case, they'd be on the iOS + Google Play app stores like any other app. You'd have the ability to authenticate users however you want, or even remove authentication entirely. Because of app store complexity we are currently onboarding enterprise customers by hand, so you'd need to be on contract as a customer with us to do that.

If you're interested please reach out to me (braden AT retool dot com) or fill out this form.