While editing a page, all of my components and queries disappeared

While editing a new page (I have no backup, but I've spent about 5 hours on it), all of my components and queries disappeared from the page. The page just appears completely blank with no queries, as though it's been reset to its initial default state. Is there any way to recover my work?

Thank you!

Hey @mikewhg !

This kind of behavior is usually caused either by:

  • A bad browser caching state or failure to load a key file from our CDN
  • A change made to the app that did not crash while staying open in the editor, but blocked the app from finishing loading on page load

So in order I would try:

  1. Inspect the browser console to see if any errors referencing specific components, queries, or dependencies are being thrown.
  2. Reloading the page with a cleared browser cache
  3. Opening up the app history, to try reverting some of the recent changes

If neither of those work, if you export the app to JSON (from the three dot menu either in the editor or on the homepage app list) and sharing it with us at support@retool.com so we can take a look and see what is preventing it from loading. If you are on our cloud offering, we can also log in directly to take a look at the app if you confirm that it is ok with you!

The app history is here:

Thank you! I was able to recover the page using the Revert function on the App History. In the History, it looks like an action ran at the time of the error called “Run migrations” and I noticed that Select lists (I have a couple of them in this page) have some new config options today - would this be related to a feature / functionality update?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hmm, so when we "Run migrations" that is an action that takes place the first time an app is opening on a new version of Retool than it was last opened on. Reverting the app back to a version before that migration, it should automatically re-trigger them to become compatible with the Retool version that environment is running. Perhaps it was related to one of the changes that was made afterwards? I'm glad that reverting back got this working again for you!