Where is mobile screen preview?

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AFAIK it's broken in Retool version 3.20.0. I have lots of components with "show on mobile" checked and nowhere can I find the control to turn on/off mobile view in the IDE.

Hi @Roland_Alden,

Thanks for reaching out about this! Do you have this option in the bottom left corner of the canvas?

I don't think so:

I see it in another application:

However, the above application is a recently made copy of the one above that does not display it.

There is not much reason for them to behave differently. In both most components have "show on mobile" checked.

Well darn it. Turns out the first screen shot was NOT the copy. It is a different app that has no mobile components.

AND when I turn on mobile on one of the components it suddenly appeared:


So, I guess I'm a bonehead. :shushing_face: