Where is enable button? I cannot find it anymore

Hi! Hope you are all doing well. I cannot find "enable" button anymore. Where is it?

Before it was right beside the deploy button, and well, that was perfect but right now I cannot find it anymore.

@Mitchel_Jimenez, go to the trigger section from the left menu, you'll see a switch component there. Not ideal for me as well but had some getting used to to familiarise myself with the new layout.

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Oh Jocen, thank you a lot for your help! I was now able to find it and enable the workflow. Hope your day is awesome! It has been pretty difficult for me too haha, I'm sure that they will find the best way to do it anyway.

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Hey folks! The dev team has added some notifications to make enabling workflows more discoverable that are live. If anyone runs across this who is still having trouble discovering the button please let us know!