How to disable a workflow and how to remove a trigger block

Sorry for what seems like a basic question, everyone, but my searching isn't yielding any answers.

I can't seem to find out how to remove an unused trigger block in my workflow.

And I also can't seem to find out how to change a workflow's status to 'disabled'



Ok. I learned that the workflow gets disabled by stopping the trigger (I thought there might be a more global setting at the level. And I gather "startTrigger" is always on the canvas even if one doesn't need it yet, so I assume that is why there is no way to delete that block. Gather I've solved this myself.

Hi @Brady_Meisenhelder! :wave:
Glad to hear you were able to solve this. Just wanted to let you know that although the workflow is disabled, it will still run if another Workflow is triggering it. In other words, if there is a Parent Workflow that is triggering the "disabled" Workflow, the latter will still run.

Thanks, @Paulo . Good additional context.