When uploading an Excel file, it adds one day to the date

Hello everyone

I have a window where I upload an EXLEL file with a button, and for some strange reason when the RETOOL interface picks up the table, it adds one day to the date that appears in the Excel table.
I tried playing with the different date formats to no avail

this is my EXLEL file

And this is what he shows me in the table after the upload

And this is the definition of the column in the table

As you can see the date in the excel file is 8/29/2021 and 8/30/2021
And he perceives it as 8/28/2021 and 8/29/2021

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

Is it possible to change the Retool column to Auto?
Perhaps, depending on there is a localization issue occurring as it relates to timezone?

In new table component, you can Manage your timezone

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The issue is resolved
The problem was unfortunately that the clock on my Ubuntu system was not set
Thanks everyone for the help