What's the best way to create a Point-of-Sale in Retool?

I'm trying to use Retool to create a POS (Point of Sale) for some field workers. I linked my app to my database with now issues. The tricky part is that the app is supposed to allow the workers to register sales that often contain multiple items with different prices.

I tried using a dropdown list that fetches products from the product table in my database with no issues. This also allows them to see the price of a given product. However, I'm not sure of how I could create a table that allows the user to add new rows with the product, price and quantity info based on the input on the previous fields. After all the items are added, all the table data should be saved to the corresponding database table.

From what I tried I believe it is impossible to do this on a mobile app because there are no tables? Perhaps a desktop app? I'm not sure if this is possible even with a desktop app that allows me to add tables.

Hey @LanaatRetool! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

To start, do you currently have your WRITE query configured? Is that a part that you need help with? https://docs.retool.com/docs/retool-mobile-fundamentals-lesson-three

Or are you mostly concerned with displaying the data once it's added to the database?