What happened ? Retool is sooo fast suddenly!


what did you guys changed ? All of a sudden, my retool app is so fast, without any changes from my side. Searches are fast, response time is very good, ... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Our services are located at AWS eu west (Dublin), maybe you deployed servers overseas (which was in your roadmap if I remember well)

Anyway, many many thanks !


Hey @jfpaccini!

We did ship some pretty major performance improvements for query runtime recently, that should be particularly noticeable in apps that have a larger amount of data loaded! This was a front end change in how query inputs are passed in and evaluated to limit interaction with the rest of the data model :grin:

We will be launching tools to better visualize query runtimes soon as well, to help with debugging how much time is spent at each stage of the execution from frontend -> Retool -> DB -> Retool -> frontend


I noticed the same and though it's just my imagination.
The only advantage of our internally built tools was performance but now retool is almost on par on that one!
Kudos to you guys. You seem to always know what to work on.