Weird behavior with ListView/Form/Query

I'm facing a weird behavior.

I have a form inside a TabbedContainerWidget inside a ListView.

When I click on the Submit Button on the form it triggers a query to call an API. I'm trying to get the data of the form on query like this {{ContactName[i].value}} but it's always undefined. But, If I try to get any data outside of the form like {{l_id[i].value}} it works perfectly.

Using the confirmation modal of the Query to debug this I found out that {{l_id[i].value}} shows the information, {{i}} show the number of the list row clicked correctly but {{ContactName[i].value}} witch is the form field shows nothing.

Things get weird If I try to get any information {{ContactName.pluginType}} because it renders with the mouse over but if I click the SUBMIT button on the form even this information is empty on the query.

I'm stuck and don't know how to handle this.

Any help?


Hey @pedro.milanez!

Thanks for flagging this! It looks like this is indeed a bug related to forms in listview components. I've gone ahead and built out a repro app/ bug report and will update this thread as this is addressed. In the meantime, you can retrieve this value directly by referencing {{textinput[i].value}} where i is the iteration in the listview.

Do you think this could work for your use case here?

This is a nice work around. Another solution that I did was to the submit button on the form trigger a Javascript Query and them manually call the API Query (queryName.trigger()) passing a param like row-selected with the i value. This works and the API Query can get the data with {{inputField[row-selected].value}}

Thanks for the help!