Want to trigger all queries that have a pattern in their name

What i want to do is to trigger and receive the value of every query that names match a certain pattern like ending with "_query", and i know how i would do that (probably with javascript and "eval()"), but i can't seem to find a way to get a list of queries inside of my app.

I tried finding a variable that has the State of the app, but didn't.

So is there a way to do what i'm attempting without hard-coding the name of the queries to the javascript code?

Here's an example of what i want, but not hardcoded like im doing now


Hi @Henrique_Silva,

We don't currently have a way to iterate through or return all of the query names programmatically :disappointed: The solution you've outlined is the best solution we have currently. I added your +1 to an internal request where we're tracking interest in this feature. Hopefully, we can ship an api for dynamically getting all query names (and then triggering them) in the future

Thank for the reply Tess, i understand, will keep watching this thread, if you guys release it then i will promptly use it, this is a growing project and not needing to update the list manually everytime a new system is added would be great.