Video player and google drive video URLs

I have a bunch of videos stored in google drive. I’d like to play a given selected video in one of my tools. I thought this would be simple at first - just enter the URL and it would work - but it turns out that google drive URLs don’t work (even when they are open to “anyone with the link”). My second problem is that it’s really better if these videos are private (only accessible by certain google accounts), so even if they could be played to anyone with the link, I’d need it to be more secure. Since retool OAuth’s with google, it seems like this wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m struggling to see how…
Anyone have tips? Is there a way I could work around this? I’m even open to storing the videos somewhere else if there is an easy way to get this going.
I’d also like to upload them to Google Drive with a tool, but that doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Maybe I’d need to use the Google Drive API…?

Hello. Bumping this up as I am having the same issue in 2022. I've tried using the embed link and shareable link and am unable to get a public Google Drive video to show up in the video player.
I can get youtube,etc to work but really want to keep it to google drive. Just want to know if this is explicitly not supported or if I am missing something obvious.

Hey @mmadaus!

At the moment we don't support Google Drive videos within the video player. However, you can pass the URL<VIDEO_ID>/preview to the iframe component which should let you play the video in your app (you will have to click the "Play" button).

Does that work for you?