Get a video component to play a video from a private google bucket

I have a table that lists the Google Bucket contents with all of the usual tags mediaLink, selfLink, body etc. but when I set the video value to be {{ }} etc. or any of the other tags, it does not play the video.

The strange thing is I have images in the exact same bucket and they display fine in the image component in retool using {{ }} but the same doesn't work with the mp4s.

I was told that I need to generate a signed URL for videos but that would mean I have to generate them for every single mp4 externally and there are hundreds of videos. Is there a way around this to just get the video player to render the .body content the same way the image component does?

I don't know how anyone plays videos from private resources otherwise and seems fairly universally done for any group working with private videos (i.e. beyond just the basic playing of Youtube/Vimeo URLs as per the documentation).

I worked it out and I'm not sure if this was because I entirely missed it or if it was a feature already when I wrote my question...

"Generate a signed URL" was is an option as an action type appears in the drop down list for a new query of a GCS bucket. This is wonderful news because I can now trigger this when a new row is clicked and the video can be played - when I set my video component to be {{ }} the video appears and plays.

Apologies if I jumped the gun.