{{ value }} is not defined

Hi team,

I'm trying to fill a DB column with a Loop and Retool AI responses. My problem is, I need the image content to be dynamic according the current record but the {{ value }} is not defined (even though it seems that the code managed to fetch the data).

Thanks, appreciate your help.

The UI will lint the code as not defined, but it works.

For some additional insights, I previously answered a similar question on looping here: Looping and referencing data from previous step.

Key things to note

  1. The loop will complete and return an array with all results that you can take to the next step
  2. Within the loop, you reference {{value.FieldName}} to get a particular item from the previous workflow step's item being looped.
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Hi @barosh, welcome to the forum! :wave:

We have a bug report for the linter showing the reference as undefined. We'll update you when this is fixed. On the meantime, ignore the text highlight.
Thank you @jg80 for referencing other topic! :raised_hands: